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Thursday, September 29, 2011

Crocodile Park

If you are an Animal lover, you can visit crocodile Park located at Davao City particularly at Bajada.. you can see a lot of birds with different kinds (eagle, parrot, cockatoo, ostrich, etc.) crocodile, snakes (python and albino snake) , monkeys, cats and turtles... Come and visit Davao, Mindanao Philippines.
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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Tinuy-an Falls, Barobo

Tinuy-an Falls
is the only waterfalls located in Surigao del Sur. You have to travel 6-7 hrs from Davao City before you reached the place. it's really a long long trip but it's really worth it. Oh! I really love the clear cold water and it's freshness and the place? it's very clean! You can explore it by climbing 200 ft from below and then from there, you can see all the waterfalls down there beyond your reach and it's to overwhelming and it's very relaxing and refreshing.. It can really be fascinating..

Some of the photos I took during our travel

It is the best travel I already gone because it takes 6-7 hrs before you reach the place but it's really worth it. This photos was taken Last May 14 -15, 2011 at 12 Vanishing Island in Britania San Agustin, Surigao del Sur.

This are some of the photos I took during our travel

Pictures I took during our travel experience

The Enchanted River, HInatuan

My EscApaDeSss:

I really love PHOTOGRAPHY and to TRAVEL like goin' into places I never been to. I want to explore and have fun and Beaches is one of my favorite place to unwind and relax. For me, photography: Is capturing moments and events in my own lens and put it into tangible things and these is one of the places I already visited:

It is Located at Hinatuan, Surigao del Sur at it is called Enchanted River because it brings enchantment to those people who wants to visit the we can see, the water was too clear and fresh.. It is a river but the color never speak for it self. Due to it's dark blue colored water and it really taste salty. Every 12 in the afternoon. All swimmers should come out from the water to watch the feeding frenzy.. You never thought are are many fishes living below.