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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Videos of Surigao Tourist Destination!

The Mantaga Adventure Divers took a break from exploring the cave of Hinatuan Enchanted River and took the time to enjoy the prolific fish life that abounds in the spring.

Fish seen in the area are snappers, scat fish, rabbitfish, butterfly fish, pajama fish, banner fish, and wrasses.

A strong, steady flow of fresh water comes from the cave. During high tide the sea water flows in to mix with the fresh water. The fish are acclimatized to the lower salt content of this enchanting place.

Visibility in the area is extremely good and it feels like one is diving or swimming inside an aquarium. Noted also is thermal activity in one spot--- that means hot spring!

So please sit back, put on your headphones, relax and enjoy this video!

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