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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

During times of Flood

a Filipino tries to enjoy his drink while floating on flood

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Philippine Eagle Symbol of Davao

Philippines national bird the king of the skies

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Kadayawan Festival Waling Waling

During Kadayawan Festival Flowers like Waling-waling are the best sellers in the flower business industry. The Beauty of this flower captivates your interest.
I used to care two Waling-walings at home.  

Kadayawan Festival Waling Waling

Kadayawan Festival 2012

Kadayawan Festival 2012

Local festival celebrated annually.

Kadayawan was derived from the local tribe Mandaya word Madayaw which means beautiful or  good. It is usually used as a warm greeting when encountering visitors.
Kadayawan is now a month long celebration in which the whole Davao City is full of events that will cater to the different needs of tourist that will be visiting. 

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Sunday, June 24, 2012

Our Secret Paradise

Me and my bffs decided to go to a private resort located at Malipano Island, Garden of Samal.Very nice ambiance, peaceful and nice scenery... These are the pictures taken during our beach escapes...

The Island accommodates 15-30 pax only.. free usage of facilities and you owned the the Island..

Monday, June 18, 2012

Our Cebu Escapade:

Cebu City particularly in Daan Bantayan is my grandmother's hometown but they migrated in Davao City on the year 1950's. My mother was born and raised here in Davao but most of the time they come and visit their native land. When my grandfather died and my grandmother got sick and was paralyze. My parents got married and settled down here so we never had the chanced to come and visit the place. 

I checked the travel sched at Cebu Pacific Booking Site and availed the promo. I booked my flight along with my Hubby. I was so excited because at last I had the chance to fly in Cebu City and  my wish will soon come true. 

Last March 3 to 6, 2012, I take my flight Saturday at around 7 o'clock pm from F. Bangoy Airport, Davao City and arrived at the
 Mactan Airport, Cebu around 8 o'clock pm. 

We slept at YMCA Hotel for 3 nights and 4 days. Sunday: Our 2nd day: We had our free breakfast at our place and then we went to Ayala Center and had strolling. We also brought some stuff and foods for snacks suck as Peanut Kisses, Dried mangoes, Piyaya and Otap, which is Cebu's best delicacies.

We had our lunch at Chow king and then we went to Sto. Nino Cathedral, one of the tourist spot in Cebu. We attended the Holy Mass and then light candles. 

He also visited the Magellan's Cross and had pictorials. We also had offered a candles for Sinulog Festival and then went home after a long strolling days.

Inside the Magellan's Cross

 At the back is a WISHING WELL inside the cathedral. We toss coin at the wishing well hoping our dreams would come true.
Our 3rd day:  We went to Magellan's Cross again and then at Ayala Center to have some fresh air and enjoyed the place. We also went to the Polian Temple and Chinese Temple. It's over looking, where you can see the Cebu City land area from there.

Refleca of the Great Wall of China..

Dragon wars..hehehhe no picture taking at the temple please!!! it's a sacred place for them...Buddhist 


The Fourth day: We already went home. Our flight is at 7 o'clock am from Mactan International Airport Cebu going to F. Bangoy International Airport Davao.

My hubby having his coffee at Mr. Donut inside the waiting area...still sleepy but excited..

 Our airbus/ fight 5J...hahahha
CebuPacific aircraft. It's around  6: 25 oclock in the morning...

During our boarding time...Davao City here we come....back to reality!

Seat belt please..............

Just arrived at Davao Airport.. so tired but worth it..althought it's just a short trip but our experienced and happiness it too much. We really had fun and overwhelmed.