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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

During times of Flood

a Filipino tries to enjoy his drink while floating on flood

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Philippine Eagle Symbol of Davao

Philippines national bird the king of the skies

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Kadayawan Festival Waling Waling

During Kadayawan Festival Flowers like Waling-waling are the best sellers in the flower business industry. The Beauty of this flower captivates your interest.
I used to care two Waling-walings at home.  

Kadayawan Festival Waling Waling

Kadayawan Festival 2012

Kadayawan Festival 2012

Local festival celebrated annually.

Kadayawan was derived from the local tribe Mandaya word Madayaw which means beautiful or  good. It is usually used as a warm greeting when encountering visitors.
Kadayawan is now a month long celebration in which the whole Davao City is full of events that will cater to the different needs of tourist that will be visiting. 

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